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Monday, August 8, 2011

Sometimes Blame is not a Game

The blame game is alive and well and living in our nation's capitol. Each party is quick to blame the other for our nation's woes. Everyone claims to hate it. Everyone does it. Each accuses the other of playing the game and no one takes responsibility for problems. Most of the time everyone is to blame because everyone is playing the game.

The problems we have in the face of the S & P downgrade are actually attributable. There is blame. It is no longer a game. All of those Tea Party clowns who glibly pronounced that nothing bad would come of defaulting on our debt have set us on this path. They were told time and time again that this would happen. Just as they refuse to believe the scientists who explain to them about climate change, they refused to believe the consequences of their irresponsible behavior. I suppose if you'd rather believe in fairy-tales than evolution. If you'd rather believe our President is a Kenyan. If you'd rather believe up is down and right is left. If you'd rather believe that Jesus hated gays and Muslims. Well...your just an idiot.

We have a very diverse society. One with room for geniuses and idiots. As charming as that is we don't want the idiots in charge. They are idiots and they have brought us to brink of disaster. It's time for them to shut up and take their proper seats in the back of the building. It's time we get back to the tradition of electing people smarter than us to lead us.

Our democracy and electoral system was built on the premise that the voter is incapable of making sound choices. This is why the President was elected by a handful of people, the electoral college. The Senate was elected by the members of the House. The House was the only branch of the Federal government that was elected by popular vote and had the least amount of power.

In our country's beginning our founding fathers recognized that the people were hampered by a fractious and inadequate system of public information distributed on horseback. Today, voters are burdened with immediate and overwhelming blasts of information and misinformation with no filter as to what is a fact and what is not. By virtue of this phenomenon we are capable of choosing information we wish to be fact rather than informed as to what is factual. The idiots in our society choose to be represented by people who are repeating the misinformation they choose to believe is fact.

The result of this is the Tea Party, a dis-aorganization that rallies around the idiots who have brought us to the brink of disaster. They are to blame for the collapse of wealth in the last few days. That is a fact.

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